Endoscopic Tissue Sampling of UGI Tract: Forceps to Optical
Endoscopic Tissue Sampling of UGI Tract: Forceps to Optical
Endoscopic Tissue Sampling of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: Forceps to Optical

(2012 ASGE Audiovisual Award Winner)

Won Young Cho, MD, Gene Hyun Bok, MD, Wook Hyun Um, MD, Chang Gyun Chun, MD, Hyun Gun Kim, PhD, Tae Hee Lee, MD, Suck Ho Lee, MD, Su Jin Hong, MD, So Young Jin, MD, and Joo Young Cho, MD

In this Upper GI DVD video, review the indications and basic techniques of conventional forceps biopsy by specific GI tract location and by disease such as Barrett’s esophagus and benign/malignant gastric ulcers. Plus, learn about clinical situations where advanced tissue sampling techniques help with diagnosis including strip biopsy, endoscopic resection of mucosal and submucosal lesions and EUS guided needle biopsy.

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