ASGE is committed to helping you advance your clinical knowledge. We offer a wide array of hands-on, didactic, and postgraduate courses, led by renowned experts in their areas of specialty.

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This webinar will describe in detail various gastric suturing and plication procedures applied for weight loss purposes. It will cover the differences in methodology and clinical outcomes. It will also discuss impact on metabolic comorbidities. Guidance on which patients are eligible candidates for these procedures will also be provided. Other bariatric endoscopic procedures will be touched on briefly in this context. Furthermore, the importance of a multidisciplinary team approach... Details
When: January 21, 2021
Where: Webinar
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The ASGE ARIA program creates a common language and a shared understanding for improved communication and more successful dialogue between clinicians and industry representatives. The program covers all of the subjects that are important to the professional health care providers that industry representatives are meeting with every day, including clinical knowledge, disease mechanisms and clinical treatment. Attendees of the program will receive unparalleled educational content... Details
When: March 29, 2021
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Over 20 world-renowned faculty have curated their premier videos from the top live endoscopy courses worldwide and from their clinical practice, covering a wide array of scenarios and including the latest endoscopic innovations. Throughout the four sessions, panelists will challenge the presenters on their selection of techniques and technologies, highlighting evidence-based practice guidelines to enhance the quality of care. Clinical topic areas were carefully selected to reflect... Details
When: April 24, 2021